Hello, I'm Michael Thomas


Many times we give ourselves permission to seek professional help when taking care of our bodies; regular check-ups to the family doctor, dentist, gynecologist, etc. The need to take care of our mental and emotional health is just as important, but we hesitate to do so with the stigma surrounding the label being considered “weak” or “crazy”. The same permission to call a professional to care for our body is the same permission needed to call upon the professional assistance for the maintenance and longevity to our emotional and mental maturity.

I would like your permission to be that professional.


Las Vegas local (born and raised)


UNLV: Marriage and Family Therapy-Masters

UNLV: Communications Studies-Major; Family Studies-Minor


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Member of: AAMFT

NAMFT State Intern Southern Representative (with the board since 2011)

Prepare and Enrich Facilitator and Seminar Director

COPE presenter

Group leader with LRS and Intentions

My Own Quest In Finding Myself

My struggle in becoming an adult was actually feeling adult-like. On paper I was “adulting”, but I was far from feeling ‘grown-up’. My own therapeutic journey led me to establish my own sense of adult identity, and how to generate my own joy.

Let me help guide you on your quest for the same.